Linux GamePackUpdated game compilation for Linux-based systems - Linux GamePack 14.03

This disc contains 10 Th games of different genres that you will not find at this point in our repository, and accordingly, it will be a good addition to it.

Among them:
✔travel and battles in outer space;
✔tactical MMORPG and classic RPG;
✔simulations of baseball and paintball;
✔game in the genre of fantasy and science fiction


Updated our repository for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-compatible distributions.
Added more than 20 new applications.
As a result, the total number of applications in our repository is increased to 545.

Complete list, see the link below

Available for download Live-specialized system Ubuntu CyberPack (ALF) 1.0 (Analysis, Logging operations and Forensics tools) designed for digital evidence.
The system includes a specialized tool for fixing and digital evidence used in the investigation of computer crimes for the primary forensic analysis.

Learn more details and download here