UserAndLINUX v14.07

Came the May issue (v14.06) magazine UserAndLINUX.
"Terrifying Trojans iBanking»
In this issue you will find:

✔New distributions: Linux Mint 17, Rosa Desktop Fresh R3, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
✔Prepare to leave your Android
✔Xmind - manager of smart cards for each
✔Space Engineers - the best place for your ships
✔Nibbio - you Ubuntu or Android?
✔WinRar archiver and for Android
✔Stereo 3D-player Bino
✔Bulk in Ubuntu

and 8 of copyright works and many other interesting materials.

Brief characteristics: type - electronic PDF-format, language - Russian, volume - 102 pages, size - 7.6Mb
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Available for download system images Ubuntu*Pack 14.04 for i386 and amd64 in earlier editions submitted:
Unity - interface of the company Canonical, optimized for computers and tablets.
Flashback (formerly Classic) - classical view desktop style GNOME 2.
GNOME 3 - vision from the developers desktop GNOME. Another of his name - GNOME Shell.
Cinnamon - interface close to the style of Windows using GNOME 3.

and two new:
Classic 3
- version of the classic presentation of the GNOME desktop GNOME 2 in style GNOME 3.
- modern, comfortable and fast interface that works well on low-end PCs.

Systems are self-contained solutions for the new installations as well as computer equipment for your home or office computer.

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Updated one of the largest third-party repositories for Ubuntu, currently comprising more than 375 games and 565 applications.
Repository users can also use other distributions based on Ubuntu, for example such as: Linux Mint, Netrunner, Pear OS, Trisquel and others. Software packages in the repository include versions for 32-bit (x32, x86, i386) and 64 bit (x64, amd64, x86-64) systems.

Necessary steps to connect the repository are described herein