Linux UsefulPackBeen upgraded collection of additional software Linux UsefulPack to version 13.12.
Updated previously existing on the disk and application materials, and added:
✔ TOR-browser - anonymous Internet surfing is protected from eavesdropping.

The composition of the collection consists of interesting applications that are not in the standard repositories of popular Linux- distributions and the repository of UALinux.

Besides programs, this disc contains the documentation and guides to work in Linux, as well as thematic electronic magazines.

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UserAndLINUX v13.12

Came the December issue (v13.12) magazine UserAndLINUX.
In this issue you will find many articles author.
Among them:
✔ World Of Tanks in Ubuntu
✔ Emulators consoles and their settings for online play with friends
✔ MintBox2
✔ USB microscope in Ubuntu
✔ Perfect Linux distribution
✔ Lesson No1. Introduction to Linux
✔ Linux for a web designer
and many other interesting materials.

Brief characteristics of PDF-room: Russian language, volume - 102 pages, weight - 54M
See full table of contents, read a magazine or on-line download PDF-version of it here

Been upgraded our repository for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-compatible distributions.

Added and updated 40 programs. Of these, 3 game and 37 application.

Complete list, see the link belowи