BusinessPack 18.04 / 16.04 (2019.06)

The operating system based on Ubuntu OEMPack, focused on ease of use and usability and containing all the necessary selection of software.

This is an ideal solution for creating a working environment on personal computers, laptops, netbooks and tablets:
✔ in the office and corporate environment of the enterprise;
✔ in state and educational institutions;
✔ on your home personal computer.

Within the framework of extended support, it is possible to supply it with an additional medium which contains a wide selection of additional programs that do not require access to the Internet for their installation, which will allow using it on computers in a closed corporate network with no or limited access to the Internet.

Ubuntu BusinessPack is:
simple installation of an operating system that does not require special knowledge;
confidence that only licensed software is installed on the computer;
it is a low price compared to peers;
creation of a workplace without additional financial costs, which significantly saves the budget of organizations;
ideal solution for switching to Linux with Windows if you are still using windows-based applications and games;
✔ full support in the system of Russian, Ukrainian and English;
no need for anti-virus protection costs;
✔ contains additional drivers for HP printers, AMD, NVIDIA graphics cards, Intel and Wi-Fi adapters.

The software has a clear graphical interface and is fully compatible with popular document formats (texts, tables, presentations, videos, music, etc.), so the transition with data transfer and staff re-qualification to the new system will not cause any problems.

This distribution covers all the features of Ubuntu OEMPack,
and also contains:

domain integration and authorization support in:
✔ Active Directory
✔ FreeIPA

there are utilities for additional local user authentication:
✔ via USB drive
✔ fingerprint

✔ utilities included to run numerous applications and games MS Windows WINE, CrossOver Linux и PlayOnLinux

✔ support for working with crypto, token and other secure keys for digital signing

data recovery on Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 file systems and MBR/GPT boot record
✔ system backup and recovery (analogous to System Restore on Windows and Time Machine on Mac OSX)

✔ support for a wide range of modern equipment, as well as outdated

✔ creating an isolation environment (sandbox) for dangerous applications

✔ KVM local and remote virtual machine management client

support for Java applications that provides work
✔ online customer bank (e.g. Приват24)
✔ online bookkeeping (e.g. iFin)