More and more often, users are installing the Ubuntu Linux operating system which is focused on ease of use, usability and is ideal for use on personal computers and laptops.
Someone does this to see what Linux is, and someone chooses it as an alternative to the unreasonably expensive Microsoft Windows©.


- this is our proposal to legalize your programs.

The advantages of using our software products in your IT infrastructure are:
full license protection (all solutions include a full package of legalization, which guarantees the absence of legal claims from the inspection organizations)
optimization of costs for the acquisition and licensing of company software (using our software helps to avoid dependence on pricing and licensing policies)
lack of costs for anti-virus protection (this is especially important for building systems with an increased requirement for the protection of information and confidential data)
office programs for working with texts, spreadsheets, presentations, including those compatible with MS Office formats (you will not have problems sharing information with others)


for you and your business.
✔ support for windows applications and java applications
✔ file scanning for viruses in real time


✔ complete server software
✔ allows you to create a full-fledged Enterprise level server in the enterprise’s corporate environment

OEM Pack

✔ ideal system when first installed or shipped with new PCs
✔ does not require additional downloads from the Internet during installation


✔ will provide guaranteed launch of more than 1500 popular games for MS Windows, as well as original ones, designed specifically for Linux


✔ all necessary for the organization of the educational process, education, science and programming
✔ great for educational institutions of any category: schools (including elementary grades), lyceums, colleges, institutes, universities and others

Также мы собираем комплекты Windows*Pack

Windows DesktopPack

- a large set of software for a wide range of tasks

Windows EducationPack

- solution for educational institutions of all levels (schools, institutes, academies, ...)

Windows GamePack

- if you like to play - then this set of games is for you