Release distribution Ubuntu BusinessPack version 18.04 and update distribution previous version 16.04.

Ubuntu BusinessPack is:
✔ a full set of office components
✔ wide multimedia support including IP-TV
✔ support for launching windows-programs
✔ integration with Active Directory and FreeIPA domains
✔ work with digital signatures and secure media

"Ubuntu*Pack 18.04" received an expert opinion of the SSSCIP of Ukraine and entered the list of technical information protection tools allowed to provide technical protection of state information resources and information, the requirement for which protection is established by law, which allows its use in systems where information with limited information circulates access.

The company's server hardware has been updated, which allowed for the decommissioning of some production facilities.

This equipment is on sale and as a gift, Ubuntu ServerPack 18.04 is included in the package of each server!