GamePack 18.04 / 16.04 (2020.01)

This is an operating system based on Ubuntu OEMPack that will guarantee the launch of more than 55,977 games and applications designed both specifically for the GNU / Linux platform and for MS Windows and MS-DOS.

Now the obstacle in the form of a small number of games under GNU/Linux, for switching from Windows to Ubuntu*Pack, thanks to this distribution kit is a thing of the past.

The distribution kit is delivered for 64 bit (x64, amd64, x86-64) systems. And in the 16.04 edition it’s also for 32 bit (x32, i386, x86).

This distribution includes all the features of Ubuntu OEMPack, and also contains:

Preinstalled systems for delivering games and applications over the Internet:


service for the distribution of computer games and programs.
(more than 6,606)

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platform for installing games and managing them in a single interface.
(more than 2,115)

more details...

online indie game service.
(more than 25,620)

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Connected repositories which include linux games of various genres
UALinux (more than 386)
Snap (more than 206)
Flatpak (more than 187)

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There are tools for running and running games and applications for Windows / DOS:

Free tool for launch of Windows games and applications
(guaranteed - more than 1,039)
(others may need additional configuration to run)

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A tool to run absolutely any Windows application or game.
(additional settings may be required to run them)

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Paid tool for guaranteed launch of Windows games and applications
(more than 15,930)

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A tool to run DOS applications and games.
(guaranteed - more than 3,888)
(others may need additional configuration to run)

more about DOSBox and DOSEmu

And also:

The distribution includes support for Adobe Flash and Oracle Java, which allows you to easily run many online games.

Gnome Twitch

Allows you to enjoy game video and streaming (e-sports tournaments, all kinds of cyber competitions and other streams from ordinary players) in a separate application window

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