Crypto currency is a kind of digital currency, the creation and control of which is based on cryptographic methods. As a rule, the accounting of crypto-currency is decentralized. The operation of these systems is based on technologies such as block, directed acyclic graph, consolation register (ledger), etc. Transaction information is usually not encrypted and is available in clear form. To ensure the stability of the database of the chain of transactions, cryptographic elements are used (digital signature based on a public key system, sequential hashing).

The term was fixed after the publication of an article about the Bitcoin system "Crypto currency" (Cryptographic currency), published in 2011 in the magazine Forbes. The very same author bitkoyna, like many others, used the term "electronic cash" (English electronic cash). Crypto currency can be developed from scratch or use the public source code of another crypto currency. If, in addition to the code, the new crypto currency also uses the already existing chain of blocks of the original crypto currency, such a crypto currency is called the forex initial crypto currency.

Crypto currency Karbo(KRB)

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