Been upgraded our repository for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-compatible distributions.

Added and updated 40 programs. Of these, 3 game and 37 application.




Education Color by Numbers - e-books, "coloring pages for kids"

Racing Speed Dreams - racing simulator

Strategy FreeOrion - space exploration and conquest of the galaxy


Graphics Cortina - automatic change of desktop background for Gnome
SmartShine Photo - automatic color correction of photos
XnViewMP - view images

System Tools DaemonFS - monitoring program files in real time
Cryptkeeper - security encryption of files and folders
Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock - animated bar to launch applications
TrueCrypt - data encryption, disk and partition

Internet Linphone - internet telephony
qutIM - easy, fast and user-friendly instant messaging client
Remobo - creates IPN (Instant Private Network) between users
Skype - IP-telephony
Wuala - cloud storage service
AeroFS - sync files without using cloud services
Hamachi - creating a safe private network
TeamViewer - Remote Access and Support over the Internet
TV-Maxe - view online TV channels

Accessories Ubuntu After Install - setting after installing Ubuntu
Ardesia - prototyping on the desktop
XNeur - automatic switching keyboard layouts
Unison - utility for synchronizing files
Springseed - simple maintenance notes
TypeCatcher - установка шрифтов Google Fonts
ClassicMenu - classic menu indicator
Cardapio - excellent replacement for GNOME main menu
mintstick - formatting USB-flash drive

Programming Valentina Studio - means to work with popular databases
Griffon IDE - IDE for HTML, Bash, Perl, PHP, C and etc.

Sound & Video sView - stereoplayer
Nero Linux 4 - application for recording CDs
Guitar Pro 6 - creation and editing of guitar tablature and sheet music

Office OOo4Kids - office for children

Administration BleachBit - remove unnecessary files from the system

GNOME applets Linphone - internet telephony
GnoMenu - GNOME main menu in Windows style

Other creepy - gathering information about the geographical location
Tintii - photo discolor leaving selected areas in color
Silicon Empire - writing Optical Discs

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