"Ubuntu*Pack 18.04" received the expert opinion of the SSSCIP of Ukraine and entered the list of technical information protection tools that are allowed to provide technical protection of state information resources and information, the protection requirement of which is established by law, which allows its use in systems where limited information is circulated access.

Applies to the entire Ubuntu*Pack product line (Desktop/OEM, Business, Server, Education and others)

A set of security services make up such a functional profile: 3.КЦД."Ubuntu*Pack 18.04"={КД-2, КА-1, КА-2, КО-1, КВ-2, ЦД-1, ЦА-1, ЦА-2, ЦВ-2, ДР-1, ДЗ-1, ДС-1, ДВ-1, НР-3, НИ-3, НК-1, НО-3, НЦ-2, НТ-3, НВ-2} implemented in accordance with the level of guarantees for the implementation of functional safety services Г-3 for automated class systems AC-1, AC-2, AC-3.

The protected operating system "Ubuntu * Pack 18.04" is intended for software protection of information with limited access, which circulates on the Desktop or Server. It provides comprehensive protection of information objects during information processing, which allows it to be used in an environment with increased protection requirements both from hacking the system by an attacker and from the planned harmful actions of the implemented malicious code.

Features of the secure operating system "Ubuntu*Pack 18.04" are:

  • the range of protective equipment fully complies with the current regulatory framework of Ukraine and open international standards
  • high resistance to various types / classes of cyber threats and hacker attacks
  • full immunity to viral threats (including viral transit)
  • open source system - no bookmarks or hidden spyware
  • low hardware requirements allow you to install the OS on outdated equipment without upgrading your existing computer fleet
  • possibility of use both on servers and at workplaces
  • full infrastructure compatibility with most software ecosystems available
  • control of user actions and processes when using information objects in accordance with the selected security policy
  • domestic product support by its developer
  • reduction in the total cost of the product due to the inclusion in its composition of a wide range of additional software, including office software (texts, tables, presentations)

The "Ubuntu*Pack 18.04" operating system can maximally satisfy the requirements regarding reliability, compliance with international open and state standards and information security.

The closest application areas for the Ubuntu*Pack 18.04 protected operating system are:

  • enterprises and organizations of the public sector, the activity of which involves the use of a specialized secure software environment for processing information with any security stamps, including the highest ones, in automated systems AC-1, AC-2, AC-3 (for example, Desktop class AC-1 for РСО)
  • enterprises and organizations of the non-governmental sector that need to use AWS or Servers with enhanced protection both from local hacking and from the possible introduction of malicious software agents
  • ensuring the security of information and telecommunication systems
  • secure database, email, or file servers
  • secure web server (website hosting)
  • IPS / IDS systems

and many other areas of application ...


Ubuntu*Pack 18.04 already used in such organizations:

Security Service of Ukraine
Ministry of Health of Ukraine
State Emergency Service of Ukraine
State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine


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