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PAC Manager это инструмент для замены SecureCRT/Putty в Gnome. Он предоставляет оконную настроку SSH/Telnet соединения: пользователи, пароли, ждать регулярные выражения, макросы и т.п.
- Unique Linux application to impletement almost every SecureCRT's functionality.
- Remote and local macros.
- Remotely send commands with EXPECT regexp.
- Cluster connections!! Connections on same cluster share keystrokes!!
- Proxy support.
- KeePassX support!
- Serial/tty connection via cu/tip/remote-tty connections!!
- RDP (via rdesktop) and VNC (via vncviewer) support!!
- Pre/post connections local executions.
- Line-send dealy capabilities.
- TABS OR WINDOWS for connections!!
- Quick access to configured connections via tray menu icon.
- Wake-On-LAN features!

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