Protected Ubuntu*Pack

Desktop / Server
guarantee level G-3 for AS-1, 2, 3
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A T T E N T I O N !
The price is custom made.

Ubuntu*Pack 18.04 operating system received an expert opinion No.985 SSSCIP Ukraine and included in the list of technical information protection tools allowed to ensure the technical protection of public information resources and information.
The combination of security services: 3.КЦД. = {КД-2, КА-1, КА-2, КО-1, КВ-2, ЦД-1, ЦА-1, ЦА-2, ЦВ-2, ДР-1, ДЗ-1, ДС-1, ДВ-1, НР-3, НИ-3, НК-1, НО-3, НЦ-2, НТ-3, НВ-2} implemented in accordance with the guarantee level of security services Г-3 for automated systems of classes AC-1 AC-2, AC-3.

The kit is designed for the 1st PC..

It includes:
Distribution (DVD-ROM or USB-flash or URL to download from the Internet)
certificate and license agreement for the granting of rights to use the software product
Ubuntu*Pack sticker on computer case
technical support

✔ support of software updates from a certified repository for 27.06.2022
✔ copy of the expert report number 985 SSSCIP Ukraine
✔ instructions for installation and deployment
✔ system administrator instruction
✔ system user manual
✔ system security instructions
✔ security policy template