Available for download an updated series of Ubuntu*Pack 12.04.4 for the i386 and amd64 in editions:
Classic - Classic desktop presentation style GNOME 2.
GNOME - a new vision of desktop developers of GNOME 3.
Unity - original working environment Canonical.
Cinnamon - a graphical environment in the style of Windows.

Systems are self-contained solutions for the new installations as well as computer equipment for your home or office computer.

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UserAndLINUX MTU v14.05

An issue of (v14.05) applications "More than USER"
Topic: "Try anonymous OS , which is used by Snowden"

Also in this issue:
✔Atlassian JIRA: installation and setup on CentOS
✔Using Git through HTTP-proxy
✔What is the DOM?
✔Bug Tracking with Google Analytics
✔Unraveling the mystery in this JavaScript
✔In Ubuntu 14.04 eliminated dangerous vulnerability
and other fun stuff.

Application is aimed at novice system administrators , programmers and just experienced users.
On its pages you will find a selection of background information , guidance and useful tips .

Brief characteristics of PDF: language - Russian, volume - 53 pages, weight - 9.5Mb
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Updated our repository for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-compatible distributions.
Added and updated 35 applications and 5 games.
At this point in our repository number of games - 375 applications - 565.

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UserAndLINUX v14.05

Came the May issue (v14.05) magazine UserAndLINUX.
Topic of the issue: «Stalker Clear Sky on Ubuntu»
In the room you will find:
✔ATM owners are moving to Linux
✔GNOME 3.12: release a new version
✔Alternative firmware MIUI, which will make you forget about Android
✔Sports Apps for Android
✔Prospects "free" document
✔Play in Cybercrime-detectives
✔IT-community offers the government the national project "Innovative Ukraine"
✔AndrOpen Office - office applications for mobile platforms
✔XBMC - home theater easy and simple
as well as 11 works of authorship and many other interesting materials.

Brief characteristics of PDF: language - Russian113 pages, 12.4Mb
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