UserAndLINUX v14.01

Came the January issue (v14.01) magazine UserAndLINUX.
Topic of the issue: "The results and plans of the great corporations on the market IT»
In the room you will find:
✔ Gramps: own family tree
✔ Track the delivery of packages
✔ Customize emulators to play with friends online
✔ Democracy 3 - political strategy simulator
✔ No More Room in Hell - cooperative zombie first-person shooter
✔ Record Online Radio
✔ Easy to reset the password in Ubuntu
✔ What is Tor?
✔ SchoolAndLINUX. Lesson number 2 - Install Ubuntu
✔ SchoolAndLINUX. Experimental application with textbooks
and many other interesting materials.

Brief characteristics of PDF- room: language - Russian , volume - 104 pages , weight - 70Mb
See full table of contents , read a magazine or on-line download PDF- version of it here

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