Ubuntu*Pack 16.04 family distributions have been updated and available for download with integrated updates for May 2018.

These are 9 independent systems with various graphic interfaces:
UbuntuPack (Unity), UbuntuPack (GNOME), UbuntuPack (GNOME Classic), UbuntuPack (GNOME Flashback), UbuntuPack (Cinnamon), UbuntuPack (MATE)
KubuntuPack, LubuntuPack, XubuntuPack

All distributions are prepared for i386 and amd64 platforms.

What's new in distributions relative to the previous version:
- included all official updates in Ubuntu until May 2018;

 - LibreOffice to version 6.0;
 - Intel drivers up to version 1.8;
 - the kernel before version 4.13;

Additionally installed:
 - Oracle Java 8;
 - Boot Repair utility;
 - utility for recovering deleted files R-Linux;
 - SystemBack and TimeShift backup systems;
 - Utility for changing the Color of Folders;
 - Notification utility Udev Notify;
 - Graphical editor of GIMP;
 - view multimedia VLC;
 - program for viewing XnView images;
 - Karbo wallet.

Additional connected repositories:
CUDA, VirtualBox, Google Chrome, Opera, Skype, TeamViewer, MegaSync, WineHQ, PlayOnLinux, OnlyOffice.

For more details, see the distribution page here
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