Releases Proxmox Virtual Environment 4.1, specialized Linux-distribution aimed at the deployment and maintenance of virtual servers using the KVM and LXC, and able to act as replacement products such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V и Citrix XenServer.

Proxmox VE it provides a means for the deployment of a fully finished system virtual servers industrial level management through web-based interface designed to manage hundreds or even thousands of virtual machines. Distribution has built-in tools to organize the backup of virtual environments and accessible out of the box support for clustering, including the ability to migrate virtual environments from one node to another without stopping. Among the features of the web-interface: support for secure VNC-console; control access to all available objects (VM, storage units, etc.) based on roles; support for various authentication mechanisms (MS ADS, LDAP, Linux PAM, Proxmox VE authentication).

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In the new issue:

  • Default enabled NTP support;
  • Improved behavior at startup and shutdown (systemd);
  • The installer is implemented can set up to 8 disks for ZFS;
  • For KVM in the GUI Added option to turn on the QEMU agent and adds the ability to update firmware for download on the company network;
  • Improved interface for configuration of fault-tolerant configurations for the users with limited access rights;
  • For LXC given the opportunity to change the GUI rootfs size. Implemented support for underprivileged containers. Added support for Fedora 22, Debian stretch / sid and Ubuntu 15.10.
  • Added support for dynamic allocation of storage space ( "thin provisioning") on the basis of the LVM (Logical Volume Manager);
  • Ability to use images from the Turnkey Linux project as a template for the LXC containers;
  • Added pvereport team.

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