October 14, 2016, Kyiv hosted the 7th Ukrainian Forum IGF-UA Internet governance in which our company took an active part.

Those who could not participate or did not have time to join the online broadcast can view all events forum can familiarize with materials Forum Online and view records online broadcasts of each panel forum.

Results of the Forum is not yet flattering, dialogue format "State / service providers / public" is not full.

The public is not actively involved in the processes of management and Internet use rights granted ISOC both in organizational and regulatory part. With such excellent organization of the event, the hall was more than half empty. Meanwhile, the public would like storm event because issues like the current state vector and further development of the Internet, more and more trying to monopolize power. In this sense, ISOC provides unique opportunities for each participant to the Internet community to make efforts in vector alignment and balancing of the fundamental positions of all parties.

The state pays very little attention or ignore the factual circumstances of the current state of affairs. As always is very difficult to meet the commercial sector and falls with the trend of modern philosophy and the development of information society. And many of the legal uncertainty is compounded by planning legislation in the field of cyber security as well as in the field of copyright. And the prospects for 2017 in terms of the state in the area of cyber security very sad, as the issue of the financing strategy and the issue of appropriate infrastructure.

But as the organizers of the forum, the most important task of the forum: to provide opportunities to meet and discuss the major issues for all stakeholders. In this sense, the forum really reached the goal. The debate may not been productive enough, but it took place, and it certainly is quite a significant achievement.

Most briefly (just 20 minutes) forum content presented in writing to the effective part of the webcast.

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