1926062_10202197088464961_8469562354024666055_oIn view of the circumstances and the will of the case within 10 days, I had time to visit Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and France! But then, why and for what I have gone, I will try to reflect in a series of publications on the topic - Crossing Europe.

But let's start in order!

Everything always starts with the departure. And here I am standing with a bag near the bus (although to call it such, can be a stretch, most "skotovozkoy" such junk in normal and civilized countries, would have long ago found his peace in the scrap metal ...) under the number 15 in the city, yet Ilyichevsk and ... looking for the driver. A sincere desire to put your luggage in the luggage compartment of the elementary broke no driver. It seemed to be okay - departed person, anything can happen, and here he appears - the god of the route with a cup of coffee in hand, and my attempts to ask the question - "Is it possible to ...", tearing him on the approach - running with a bag in a minibus.
Go to the riding "skotovozke" baggage dubious pleasure, who knows, he will understand who is not - it is better that you never experience.
How to be driven through a couple of stops there were still people with baggage and driver, deigned to us mere mortals passengers still opened the luggage compartment ...
Further, the plan was moving train Odessa-Lviv ...
To tell about the quality of rail transport can be long, but I'm afraid this little has changed or will change. But…
Noise emanating from the "innards" of the walls, floors and paneling, the feeling that the car is already beginning to fall apart on the go and it's compartment car. Reserved seats or common - they are probably only quite "zamaterevshie" in the soul of the people, after each trip should be to provide at least for the Order "For courage and bravery." But the dilapidated cars - is not so bad!
The second problem - a wild fever at the time of dispatch and arrival of the train! That's the trouble, and mystery, and not just for me.
Within an hour after departure and one hour prior to arrival in the compartment is so hot that the shirts seem warm outerwear! No, I understand that jumping out of the train and smiling citizens suggest that if you look the part, they are happy and pleased to move that drove this wonderful train. But the smile on the face of the citizens is not the joy of a trip, but from the lack of fresh air and the heat and lack of air on the platform!
But not only the joys we have paid for out of his own pocket!
"Skotovozki" packed to capacity and about venturing over on the next turn, and from which you like to crawl sweaty and rumpled after a bath after the workout for strength sports. Dilapidated trains, probably older than age 40 years! And all this is called a collar? I would call this spit on people power, they do not care, what and how to ride a simple man as he lives and absolutely do not care what he thinks ...
The road back will not describe - the point of writing, too, but in a different order?
And on this subject entry can be considered complete, following the plan - is education!
And so that would be two times not to write briefly about everyone's favorite subject - the fight against corruption (a bit of humor, but who knows ...).

Citizens of Ukraine - you want to format and restart the power to?

So what you are looking for salvation among the "vending" and former party organizer, brains turn and remember who may formatnut correctly and reboot and "bump" in the case of what? That's right - the system administrator. It sysadmin, most often hear that there is no money, but you need anything from candy and sculpt and mold are doing and will do ...

Say - it geeks? Yes, there FIG. Who sets and adjusts accounting software, who knows the most about the business of the enterprise? Who helps and assists from lawyers to economists? Say, do not type the command. Yes, just tell me and let the, Ukraine, and loans will be unnecessary in FIG.
Ask yourself why not go? So there's no money for all these your race campaign ... and to talk together and to talk about - but if it were possible - it's just a "vending" and former party organizer and we will work for the good of the country and by virtue of its features!

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