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Ubuntu OEMPack (Desktop)

Modern, multifunctional and reliable OS
Sales price 179,95
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Modern, multifunctional and reliable Operating system that is not affected by viruses.

simple installation of the operating system does not require special knowledge;
✔ full support in the system of Russian, Ukrainian and English;
full set of office applications (texts, tables, presentations) compatible with MS Office formats.
protection against virus attacks of the system and e-mail;
support a wide range of modern equipment;
System Restore is similar to System Restore in Windows and Time Machine in Mac OS (Apple).

✔ an ideal solution for switching to Linux from Windows;
this is a low price compared to peers.

The kit is designed for the 1st PC

Package includes:
✔ installation Media with Distribution
   (DVD-disk or USB-flash drive in the form of a credit card with a retractable slot or URL to download from the Internet)
passport to the product and the right to use it
sticker "Ubuntu*Pack" on the computer case
technical support coupon (when selecting OEM support - not included)