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Обсуждаем что включить в новую версию UAPack
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netbook version 8 років 11 місяців тому #1921

  • Alexhell
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Hi together,

I am from Germany but I found this site in the www because you had this awesome netbook version from ubuntu for the classmate pc, where nearly everything was running out of the box. But it was smth like 10.04 and now we have 12.04.

Do you plan to update this remix?

Or if this is not in your aim, can you maybe upload a workaround how you adjust ubuntu to the classmate pc? That would be really great, because i let now running 12.04 on this pc but miss some features which i had before. And all tutorials I found till now couldnt solve this.

Thanks a lot!

netbook version 3 років 5 місяців тому #3248

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Do you plan to update this remix?

Last time, we were given this device for development of the distribution kit.
Now we do not have this device, so we can not make new versions of the distribution kit for it.
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