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Ubuntu ServerPack

Enterprise Level Server Deployment Kit
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This is a lightweight and resource-intensive server software package. It is easy to install, maintain, and includes free security updates.
Designed for use in both open and closed (without access to the Internet) corporate networks of enterprises / firms / government agencies. It is easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure and corporate networks. Interaction with workstations Windows, Linux, Mac is possible.
The kit includes Ubuntu ServerPack and an additional selection of software that will allow you to create an Enterprise level system in the enterprise’s corporate environment.

It is an external threat-proof software solution for deploying an organization’s infrastructure services, covering all information flows with an emphasis on simplicity and practicality.

Main advantages:
✔ ease of deployment;
✔ convenient and efficient administration;
✔ high reliability and safety level;
✔ High performance and stability;
✔ unlimited scalability;
✔ low total cost of ownership.

The kit is for the 1st server.

The kit includes:
Ubuntu ServerPack distribution
passport to the product and the right to use it
Ubuntu*Pack sticker on server case
technical support ticket

✔ distribution kit Zentyal Server (organization of work of small offices)
✔ distribution OpenMediaVault (creation of network storage)
Proxmox VE distribution kit (cluster virtualization system; subscription is purchased separately)
Proxmox MailGateway distribution (powerful mail gateway; subscription is purchased separately)

All distributions are delivered on a DVD or USB flash.